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A.    Have tryouts on at least two occasions and at least one week apart. Any player who is not RETURNING to the Majors Division MUST participate in at least one tryout in order to be drafted onto a Major or Minor Division team. Any exceptions must be approved by the Board or its appointed subcommittee. The second tryout will be scheduled for a half day, with the focus being on late signups and those who missed the first tryout. Returning Major Division players are also required to tryout, with exceptions approved by the league.


B.    With the exception of possible safety issues and those who miss both tryouts, all players league age 10 and above that tryout must be drafted onto a Major or Minor Division team. Note: Any player who refuses a draft to a Major Division team will forfeit their Major Division eligibility for the current season. Post draft signups will be handled on a first come, first serve basis and will also be ineligible for the Major Division (exceptions approved by the league) for the current season.


C.    It should also be noted that the league has chosen ‘Player Selection System – Plan B Alternate Method’ (redraft) in the Operations Manual for its Major Division draft procedures. All players drafted onto a Major Division team must be of league age 11 or 12. Note: In the Majors Division, the league is choosing to support the addition to Rule 6.05 in the rulebook regarding dropped third strikes by the catcher.


D.    Minor Divisions: League age structure will be 9-11 in the AAA Division and 8-9 in the AA Division. The AAA Division will be a player pitch division. For AA procedures, see ‘Game Instructions’. In the Farm Division, the league ages shall be 7-8. This will be a coach pitch division. Note 1: Drafting position for the AAA/AA Divisions will be drawn at random. For the league’s AA Division, a board subcommittee could choose to allocate players for the top three rounds of the player draft, followed by a manager’s random draw for team and drafting position.  


E.     The league ages for Tee Ball will be set at 5-6. The league is also choosing not to allow league age 4 year olds to sign up for Tee Ball. Exception: Returning players who are league age 6 AND have played one year of Tee Ball will be eligible to be selected for the league’s Farm Division.


F.     The manager of any team which loses a player at any point during the season must notify the Player Agent immediately. After the PA is notified, the manager must select a replacement within one week. Otherwise, the PA will designate a replacement.




A.    Unless otherwise noted, all weekday games will start at 5:15pm. Start times for Saturdays will vary according to schedule at each site.


B.    All Minor Division games (AAA/AA) will use the ‘flex’ time limit. Note 1: The basic time limit is 2 hours. The top of an inning will not start with 10 minutes or less remaining, nor will the home team bat in the same timeframe if they are winning. Also, any inning in progress will be finished to its just conclusion, the point being for the game to be won or lost on the field of play. The official scorekeeper will also be the official timekeeper of the game. In an instance where an official scorekeeper is not present, the time limit will fall under the jurisdiction of the umpires. Note 2: For 2016, the first game at Marshall Field on Saturdays will have a 9:30 a.m.start time. Note 3: If necessary, a Minor Division team will be allowed to play a game if less than 9, but a minimum of 7, players are available.


C.    Major Division games will have no time limit imposed.


D.    For the Major and all Minor Divisions, the league chooses to adopt the ten-run mercy rule option (Rule 4.10) as described in the rulebook.


E.     The league’s Major and AAA Minor Divisions will each play a regular season schedule of games, to be followed by a double elimination tournament in each division which will determine league champions. Regular season standings will be posted on the league website. The website standings will be used as a reference point, with tournament position being drawn at random. Note: As teams are eliminated from the Major and AAA playoffs, consolation games will be scheduled AND played as openings in each bracket occur. The league’s AA Minor and Farm Divisions will also play a regular season schedule of games only, with no official standings being kept and no playoff tournament being held.


F.     In the Major and Minor Divisions, all team players must play three complete games per half. FIRST HALF VIOLATION: a ‘penalty’ game will be added to the player’s prescribed minimum for the second half of league play. Note 1: For this purpose, the first half shall be considered to be the first half of a team’s games played. SECOND HALF VIOLATION: A penalty game would be applied to a team’s first league playoff game. Also, the board could decide that the manager in question would not be allowed to manage or coach a league all star team, with further penalties to be imposed by the league as deemed necessary. The playing time provision is based upon rosters being set at 12 players each. Adjustments to this provision will be made should a team have more than 12 players on its roster.


G.    For teams whose rosters consist of 12 players or less, as long as any Major or Minor Division game goes four complete innings, any player not reaching minimum status of 1 at bat and 6 outs MUST play the team’s entire following game, also as a penalty game. Note: Managers are encouraged to enter their subs into the lineup in the third inning, helping to avoid such penalty.


H.    All managers should also be aware of Regulation IV(i) in the rulebook, which provides for additional penalties as deemed necessary by the league with regards to playing time violations.


I.       Sportsmanship: At all levels of play, once the pitcher has possession of the baseball and has toed the pitcher’s plate, ANY AND ALL CHANTING FROM THE OPPOSING TEAM’S DUGOUT WILL NOT BE ALLOWED.




A.    No food (including chewing gum and candy) or drink is to be allowed in any dugout or on any playing field during any game except for water or Gatorade type drinks. The allowance of sunflower seeds will be left up to the discretion of each team manager, with any such use to be restricted to the dugout ONLY.


B.    Any complaint regarding an umpire should be made in writing to the League, who will in turn discuss the complaint with the umpiring coordinator.




A.    All Star team structure will consist of: 1) a league age 9/10 year old team of players selected from the AAA Division, 2) a league age pure 11 year old team of players selected from the Majors Division and 3) a league age pure 12 year old team (exception noted in Section B) of players selected from the Majors Division.


B.    Major Division players will now have a say as to which players will be selected to the league’s 11 and 12 year old teams. Following each team’s final regular season game, each team’s players will be asked to vote for up to seven players each. 12 year olds will vote for 12s only, while 11 year olds will likewise vote for 11s only. Players will not be allowed to vote for anyone from their own team. After all Major Division teams have voted, the votes will be counted with the seven 12s receiving the most votes securing a spot on the 12 year old team. Likewise, the seven 11s receiving the most votes will secure a spot on the 11 year old team. Major Division managers will then meet to first select the balance of the 12s roster. Exception: One or more 11 year olds may be selected by the managers to fill the balance of the 12s roster, but such selection(s) MUST be as a result of a unanimous manager’s vote.


C.    11 year old team: After the 12 year old team is selected, the Major Division managers will nominate and select the balance of players for the 11 year old team. As with the player vote, managers will not be able to vote for players from their own team.


D.    9/10 team: The league’s AAA managers will meet to nominate and select players for the 9/10 team, with managers not be able to vote for players from their own team.


E.     Immediately following the team selection process, a board subcommittee will meet to discuss and appoint the coaching staff for each team.




      .  Season’s first half -  Kid pitch: If the count reaches three balls, the offensive team’s 

         coach will come in and pitch up to three ‘hittable’ pitches to the batter. The umpire           

       . will determine if the pitch is hittable. An ‘unhittable’ pitch is a no pitch and a foul

         ball on the last pitch continues the at bat. Coaches will pitch from in front of the

         pitcher’s plate and inside the mound circle.

       *Season’s second half – Prior to the start of league second half play, a meeting of

         a board and AA managers subcommittee will determine whether to continue with

         the first half method or change to the player pitch rules as described in Reg VI of

         the Little League rulebook.




  • Always remember the goal of the Farm Division is enjoyment and development of basic skills
  • 1 ½ hour time limit per game
  • 5 runs or 3 outs per inning
  • Only 5 swings per child.  On the 5th swing, if the player hits a foul ball, the player continues to bat until he/she misses or puts the ball in play
  • Only 9 defensive players on the field at a time
  • No keeping score.  There is no scorekeeping and coaches are not responsible to verify playing time of opposing teams.
  • Teams are to use a continuous lineup, which need to be changed each game to allow players fair/equal playing and hitting time.  At the start of the game, the players that are not in the field defensively in the first inning should be the first players to bat in the first inning
  • A player should not play the same position in consecutive innings, or twice, in a game (Exception: catcher). Remember - the goal is for all kids to have fun and develop player skills at all positions.  Safety should be kept in mind when placing a player in the pitcher’s position. We ask and encourage all managers to set up a rotation that works well to keep the kids moving around the field defensively each inning and in/out of the game equally. The coaches will be on the honor system when it comes to accomplishing this goal.
  • All batters and base runners must wear helmets.
  • No on deck circle and bats should not be picked up in the dugout until it is that players time to bat
  • Catchers must wear throat guards and protective athletic supporter, although all players are encourage to wear a supporter at all times
  • Coach, manager, team Mom, or child’s parent must escort a player to and from the bathroom
  • Team Moms are allowed in the dugouts
  • Home team is the 2nd team on the schedule




  • Have fun!!!
  • All team players present for a game can be on the field defensively every inning, but a player should not play the same position in consecutive innings, or twice, in a game (Exception: catcher). Remember - the goal is for all kids to have fun and to develop player skills at all positions. Safety should be kept in mind when placing a player in the pitcher’s position. We encourage all managers to set up a rotation that works well to keep the kids moving around the field defensively each inning. The coaches will be on the honor system when it comes to accomplishing this goal
  • No keeping score
  • 1 hour time limit for games, typically 3-4 innings
  • Inning changes after each player on a team bats in its respective half inning
  • Continuous batting order that should be changed each game
  • All batter must wear helmets
  • No on deck circle
  • Don’t pick up the bat in the dug outs until it is kids turn to bat
  • Coaches should be on the field during game to assist in learning process
  • Coach and/or team Mom must stay with kids that are on the bench
  • Home team is 2nd team listed on the schedule
  • Coach, manager, team Mom, or child’s parent must escort children to and from the bathroom



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